Skilled Migrant & Parent Category Expression of Interest (EOI) suspended until March 2021

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Immigration New Zealand today announced that Expression of Interest for Skilled Migrant Category and Parent Category have been suspended for a further six months until March 2021. This is a continuation of the Immigration New Zealand response to Covid-19. 

This means that Immigration New Zealand will not be selecting Expressions of Interest for either category until at least March 2021  – however this will be reviewed at the start of 2021. 

I have an Expression of Interest submitted – what does it mean for me?

Your Expression of Interest will remain open and in the pool at INZ ready for selection once EOI draws for either category are conducted again. 

I’m thinking of submitting an EOI – is it worth it?

At Idesi Legal we have touched on this subject previously. But you should consider your own situation and seek out the best advice. However you may still submit an Expression of Interest in either category. You will need to be mindful that your Expression of Interest may not be actioned by INZ until March 2021 or longer.

What about the long waits?

The current wait time for Skilled Migrant Category from start to finish is approximately 18 months. This is an extraordinary wait time.

Immigration New Zealand is in its own words using this six month period as an opportunity to deal with the large number of Residence Applications waiting to be processed. 

Once March 2021 rolls round we should have a better idea on the wait times at INZ. 

One door closes – another opens

For many the door appears shut on Residence Under Skilled Migrant Category or under Parent Category. But you should remember it is a door and not a wall – and doors can be closed.. and opened.

If you have any further questions about Expressions of Interest – please contact

EOI Suspended

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