Living in New Zealand

Thinking About Immigrating to New Zealand?

New Zealand is an English-speaking nation. Although we have people from many different nationalities living here, English is a basic requirement to live here successfully.

The indigenous people of New Zealand are Maori, a proud people with ancient customs and a culture which runs throughout New Zealand society. One example of this is the haka, a Maori war dance, which is commonly performed by our national rugby team, the All Blacks, before each game.

Although Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city, Wellington is New Zealand’s capital and is located at the southernmost tip of the North Island.

New Zealand has a thriving dairy industry – both in terms of cows and corner stores. Agriculture is our main industry, and our country is covered in arable farmland.

Many of the biggest movies of the past ten years, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, and The Hobbit, were produced in New Zealand with the digital animation being done by Weta Workshop.

New Zealand Visa Application

Working In New Zealand

New Zealand is actively seeking designers and ICT professionals to fill the shortage in our labour market.

If you are looking at immigrating to New Zealand and wish to check the demand for your chosen occupation in the New Zealand, go to the Skills Shortage List issued by Immigration NZ.

You can also get more information on your specific occupation and area of interest at Careers NZ website.

Workhere New Zealand posts job opportunities by employers who are specifically looking to hire people from overseas.

Immigration Advice

If you are thinking about coming to New Zealand with the intention of studying to then gain employment here, please consider the skills we need in New Zealand before choosing your course. For example, a Diploma in Management is unlikely to get you on a pathway to a high-level skilled job in New Zealand. We suggest you carry out thorough research or consult a lawyer / licensed advisor on the best course of study for you.

NZ Immigration Lawyer

Thinking about immigrating to New Zealand? Speak to the team at IDESI LEGAL and get great immigration advice. Call the Auckland office on 09 283 0157 or Wellington 04 461 6018.

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