More occupations eligible for Skilled Migrant Category – Are you eligible?

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More occupations eligible for Skilled Migrant Category 

On 15 July 2020, the following jobs were added to the list of jobs as exception for the purposes of Skilled Migrant Category residence visas. 

  • Aged or disabled carer 
  • Bicycle mechanic
  • Driller
  • Nursing support worker 

These jobs are currently classified as Skill Level 4-5 under ANZSCO (Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations). 

What does this mean? 

This means that in order to qualify for Skilled Migrant Category you would have had to be earning $38.25 per hour as these jobs were considered to be low-skilled 

From 27 July 2020 these jobs will now be treated as exception – and will be treated as Skill Level 2-3 (or mid-skilled) under ANZSCO. This means that to qualify after 27 July 2020, you will need to be earning $25.50 per hour making it much easier to qualify for Residence under Skilled Migrant Category. 

What other jobs are treated as exception? 

In October 2019 the following Skill Level 4-5 jobs started being treated as mid-skilled for the purposes of qualification for Skilled Migrant Category. 

Refuge Worker 

Beauty Therapist 

Tour Guide 

Travel Consultant 

Civil Celebrant 

Bungy Jump Master 

Fishing Guide 

Hunting Guide 

Mountain or Glacier Guide 

Outdoor Adventure Instructor 

Trekking Guide 

Whitewater Rafting Guide 

Outdoor Adventure Guides nec 


Bank Worker 

Credit or Loans Officer 

Industrial Spray-painter 

Paper Products Machine Operator 

Saw-milling Operator 

Sewing Machinist 

Footwear Production Machine Operator 

Hide and Skin Processing Machine Operator 

Knitting Machine Operator 

Textile Dyeing and Finishing Machine Operator 

Weaving Machine Operator 

Yarn Carding and Spinning Machine Operator 

Textile and Footwear Production Machine 

Textile and Footwear Production Machine Operators nec 

Crane, Hoist or Lift Operator 

Paper and Pulp Mill Operator 

Waste Water or Water Plant Operator 

Logging Plant Operator 

Paving Plant Operator 

Train Driver 

Construction Rigger 

Personal Care Assistant 

Diving Instructor (Open Water) 

Import-Export Clerk 

Insurance Investigator 

Insurance Loss Adjuster  

That sounds good? How do I apply? 

If any of these jobs sound like yours please contact Idesi Legal for a consultation and we can discuss your path to Residency. 

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At IDESI LEGAL we provide help for migrants and refugees coming to New Zealand. If you’re a NZ migrant and need help with the immigration process, get in touch.

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