After COVID 19 – Is applying for Skilled Migrant Category Worth it?

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The Covid-19 crisis has led to a massive amount of uncertainty. This has led to a lot of people asking if applying for Residence under Skilled Migrant Category is worth it?  

The short answer is yes! 

But INZ aren’t accepting Expression of Interest for Skilled Migrant Category? 

As part of the Covid-19 measures – Expressions of Interest were suspended for Skilled Migrant Category.1  

The key word here is that the program is suspended. This means at some time in the future this program will be resumed. Whether it be in one month or three months, INZ will be in a position to accept Expressions of Interest at some point in the future. 

If you wish to achieve residency under Skilled Migrant Category, it is absolutely worth it to have your Expression of Interest ready for the day when it is resumed.  

But what about the time delays? 

Like all categories of visa -there are significant delays in the processing of all classes of visa after Covid-19.  

This was also true before the impact of Covid-19 with 90% of Skilled Migrant Category Residence applications having a processing time of up to 17 months.2  

These timeframes are obviously off-putting. But however long it takes – the end result of lodging an application is the change to settle in New Zealand permanently! You get to build your life in New Zealand.  

But they aren’t prioritising my job? 

As per the INZ update of 24 February 2020 – INZ is prioritising applications from people earning twice the median wage ($51 per hour or $106,080 per annum) or those with jobs requiring occupational registration.3  

Again, this should not put you off – lodging an application is the change to settle in New Zealand permanently! 

After COVID 19 – Is applying for Skilled Migrant Category Worth it? 


When you are ready to take the next step – please contact Idesi Legal and we can help you on your pathway to Residence under Skilled Migrant Category. 

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