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IDESI LEGAL provides expert immigration and refugee advice. Since Covid-19 we have provided online immigration advice, support and help with New Zealand visas, appeals and citizenship applications for migrants and refugees from all over the world. We can represent anyone anywhere in the world through our online systems and technology.

We provide an end-to-end solution. You do not need an app.  Just a browser and an internet connection to engage with us. It is that easy.

Our teams of immigration lawyers and support staff will work with you to get the best outcome for your immigration application.

To speak to one of our legal team at our Auckland office
call 09 283 0157.

We have a personal and individual approach, we do not tell you what you want to hear but discuss with you the true prospects of your case. We do not dangle carrots, as is fashionable, or give a percentage chance of success:  that would be a guess in the dark. Instead, we identify what the risks are with your case and work out how to mitigate them. Our immigration lawyers provide a reality check and develop sound immigration strategies to help your visa application case.

We normally agree on a fixed, reasonable fee and the initial consultation is free.

Our approach to New Zealand refugee and immigration law has saved our clients a lot of money and managed raised expectation. Our clients have entered this process with their eyes wide open. Our immigration team do not make over-the-top, unrealistic promises.

Despite the best of preparation, when things go wrong with visa applications, they can really go wrong. Delays with immigration processing can happen for reasons outside the client’s control or because of clients’ misunderstandings.

Should your visa application hit to a brick wall,  you are in good hands with the IDESI LEGAL team. We have a solid reputation built on rescuing clients out of very difficult situations and for providing solutions.

IDESI LEGAL leverages our expertise and technology to deliver the best outcome for our clients. We’re creative at delivering solutions, thinking outside the box – that’s why our office is entirely Apple Mac.

Our legal team uses Microsoft Teams to communicate with clients anywhere in the world so our clients can work face to face with IDESI LEGAL’s Immigration Lawyers and specialist Refugee Lawyers.

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New Zealand Immigration Services: for help with Residence Visas, Work Visas, Business Visas, Skilled Migrants, Refugee & Asylum Visas and Visitor Visas from our team of expert Auckland immigration lawyers call 09 283 0157.

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