Why Use an Immigration Lawyer?

Reasons to Use an Immigration Lawyer Instead of an Immigration Adviser

By law, you don’t need an immigration lawyer in New Zealand to process a visa or residency application, but if your case is complicated, having an immigration lawyer on your team will make the process smoother. You may only have one chance at your application being approved.

An immigration lawyer can improve the chances that your visa or residency application will succeed. We will work to make sure your file is treated properly by the authorities, and if it isn’t, we will litigate on your behalf. Our role is to be your representative on your case.

In New Zealand it is illegal to give immigration advice unless you hold a license. This applies to offshore advisers, as well as those located in New Zealand. However, immigration advisers can begin practising after completing only a brief course on immigration policy.

We ensure that the information on the vast number of application forms is correct, supporting evidence is supplied, and we present a detailed submission with your application in which we address every single aspect of the applicable law, regulations and procedures pertinent to your case. We take care of the barrage of communication and queries after a visa application is lodged with INZ – mostly due to changes in circumstances or regulations.

Immigration lawyers know the law, the complexities involved in an immigration application and we know how to best prepare and present your case to the Department of Immigration. As lawyers, we are generally held to a higher standard of care than licensed immigration advisers.

It is not mandatory to have an immigration lawyer, but we are trained to deal with any legal issues which may arise in the application process: fraud, employment, commercial and corporate matters. As immigration specialists, we ensure that you apply for the right visa, and we prepare your case so you have the best possible opportunity for a visa grant.

Immigration Advisers And Job Offers

In New Zealand, immigration advisers cannot demand a fee in exchange for a job offer. It is illegal. Nor it is legal for employers to demand a fee in exchange for a job offer.

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