Work to Residence Visa

Immigration To New Zealand

Working temporarily in New Zealand can be used as a step towards gaining a New Zealand residency visa and settling here permanently.

You can first apply for a temporary work visa before applying for permanent residency. You can apply for a work visa for up to 30 months and be eligible to apply for a Work to Residence Visa after having worked here for 24 months.

Work to residence visas are available for people who are qualified in occupations that are in demand in New Zealand, are under 53 years of age, those who have a full-time job offer with an annual bases salary of at least $NZD55,000 from an accredited employer, or have exceptional talent in the arts, culture or sports. These visas are known as Talent (Accredited Employer) visas.

Residency For New Zealand

If your talents are needed by New Zealand employers, or your skillset is in demand with one of the 600+ New Zealand Accredited Employers, you may be granted a 30 month visa to work here temporarily.

You will have to work in the specific job, for the specific accredited employer, and in the specific location (city, region) detailed in the job offer that was the basis of your application.

If you continue to work for that employer for two years, you’ll then be able to apply to live and work in New Zealand permanently; you can apply for a residence visa.

We have the expertise to assist in all types of work to residence visas. Contact us at either our Auckland, Wellington or Dunedin office so we can work to determine your eligibility under this category.

How to Immigrate to New Zealand

The teams of immigration, refuge and property lawyers at IDESI LEGAL have the training and experience to help with all types of New Zealand residency visa applications. Call 09 283 0157 for expert immigration advice.

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