Legal Experts Meet The NZ Immigration Minister

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Officials of the Wellington branch of the New Zealand Law Society (NZLS) regularly meet the NZ Immigration Minister. This provides a platform for the exchange of information and ideas on sound immigration policies.

Such meetings also enable the government to apprise the legal profession of the thinking and expectations from the immigration sector.

The Law Society officials also inform the government of the ground realities and the ways and means of creating a more congenial environment for new migrants, migrants on work visas and international students.Legal-experts-meet-Group-Picture-Web

Members of the NZLS, Wellington Branch: (from left) Richard Small, Fraser Richards, Mahinarangi Tangaere, David Dunbar (Vice-President), Michael Woodhouse, Kar-Yen Partington, Kamil Lakshman, Rowland Woods, John Petris, and Rhyn Visser.
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