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From 02 October 2020. The process for obtaining a Skills Match Report for the purposes of the Essential Skills Work Visa was changed to make it easier for employers to tell if New Zealanders are available for the work on offer.


As per recent policy changes around the Essential Skills Work Visa – employers paying a staff member under $25.50 per hour would be required to request a Skills Match Report from Work and Income in addition to advertising for the role. This is the case unless your job is on the Long Term Skills Shortage List or Regional Skills Shortage List. 


Changes from Immigration New Zealand and Ministry of Social Development help to clarify when and where Skills Match Reports will be issued.


WINZ has issued two lists – one for oversupply and one for undersupply. These lists are to be used from 07 October 2020 and will be reviewed in early 2021.


The undersupply list is sorted by region. These are jobs which are difficult for employers to fill in various regions. If the position is on the list – you will not need to supply a Skills Match Report along with the work visa application.


The oversupply list from work and income is for the following positions. For these you will not need to supply a Skills Match Report and Employers can move straight to engaging with MSD to recruit New Zealand job seekers. For the foreseeable future the below positions will be filled by New Zealanders and it will be very difficult to successfully apply for a work visa. These lists will be reviewed in early 2021.


Retail and hospitality

Cafe worker (431211)

Cook (351411)

Commercial housekeeper (811411)

Domestic housekeeper (811412)

Fast food cook (851111)

Kitchenhand (851311)

Sales assistant (621111)

Shelf filler (891211)

Waiter (431511)



Builder’s labourer (821111)

Concreter (821211)

Drainage, sewerage and stormwater labourer (821112)

Earthmoving labourer (821113)

Paving and surfacing labourer (821511)

Plumber’s assistant (821114)

Administration and Call Centre

Admissions Clerk (542112)

Call or Contact Centre Operator (541112)

General Clerks (531111)

Hotel or Motel Receptionist (542113)

Information Officer (541211)

Medical Receptionist (542114)

Personal Assistant (521111)

Receptionist (General) (542111)

Secretary (521211)


Manufacturing and Warehousing

Baking Factory Worker (831111)

Confectionery Worker (831113)

Dairy Products Maker (831114)

Food and Drink Factory Workers nec (831199)

Fruit and Vegetable Factory Worker (831115)

Grain Mill Worker (831116)

Order Clerk (591117)

Product Assembler (832211)

Stock Clerk (591115)

Storeperson (741111)

Sugar Mill Worker (831117)

Warehouse Adminstrator (591116)


If your job is not on either list – you will have to supply a Skills Match Report along with the Work Visa application. 


If you are unsure if any of these lists and categories apply to you, please contact Idesi Legal.

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