How much should I be paid?

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29 March 2021

I’m a work visa holder, how much should I be paid?

With talk of the Minimum wage increasing on 01 April 2021 – it can be somewhat confusing as to what you should be paid if you are a work visa holder. 

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is the legal minimum that employers in New Zealand can pay you as a worker.  For adults the current minimum wage is $18.90 per hour. This is set to rise to $20 per hour on 01 April 2021

How much should I be paid if I am on a work visa?

At the very minimum you should be paid the minimum wage – however when assessing applications for various classes of work visas, Immigration New Zealand will look at pay rates when making an assessment. 

Essential Skills Work Visas

One of the current key criteria for obtaining a mid-skilled Essential Skills Work visa is being paid $25.50 per hour. If you are being paid $25.50 per hour you qualify for a three year work visa. If you are being paid less than $25.50 per hour your work will be classed as ‘low-skilled’ and you will only qualify for a three month work visa. 

If you wish to support your partner in their own work visa under partner of a worker instruction you need to be earning $25.50 per hour. If you are earning less than $43,322.76 per year you will only be able to support your partner for a visitor visa or your child for a visitor visa. 

Work to Residence Visas 

Work to Residence Visas are of a different nature. The ‘Talent (accredited employers) Instruction’  there is a requirement to be earning $79, 560 per annum or effectively an hourly rate of $38.25. In the Long Term Skills Shortage Instructions and South Island Contribution Instructions there is no specific requirement however the minimum wage will be looked at among other criteria. 

I still have concerns?

If you have any queries about your upcoming work visa or how much you are getting paid in your job currently, please contact Idesi Legal.

How much should i be Paid?
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