Essential Skill work Visas – Does my employer need to advertise again?

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I’m on an Essential Skills Work Visa and I want to continue in my current job. Does my employer need to advertise again? 

The answer is yes…BUT.   

In most roles and in most industries your employer will need to advertise for your role and sometimes seek a Skills Match Report from Work and Income New Zealand.  

But there is a BUT. 

There are circumstances where your employer does not have to advertise for your role.  

Work Visa .  

Your role is on an Essential Skills in Demand List.  

The New Zealand Government maintains lists of roles that have shortages both in areas of chronic shortage, regions of New Zealand and those in the construction sector. These are roles that can’t be easily filled by New Zealanders. 

For example a Horse Trainer living and working in the Waikato region (provided you meet qualification and experience requirement) would be able to apply for a new Essential Skills Work Visa without the employer being required to advertise. This is because Horse Trainers are on the Regional Skills shortage List for the Waikato region.  

 You have already applied for Residence under Skilled Migrant Category.  

If you have submitted an application for Residence under Skilled Migrant Category- you may be entitled to a one year Essential Skills Work Visa without your employer having to advertise.  

Your employer has approval in principle to recruit from overseas. 

If your employer has received an Approval In Principle (AIP) from Immigration New Zealand to recruit workers from overseas – your employer will not need to advertise for your role.  

With all three there is a BUT

Contact Idesi Legal and we can see if any of these applies to you.  

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