Partnership Interviews – What do I need to Know?

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An interview is used as part of any assessment of partnership-based work, visitor or residence visas. Immigration New Zealand may request that you and your partner either have an interview over the phone or have an interview in person.  

At Idesi Legal we have had a number of Partnership Visa interviews of late. 

Why do they do this? 

An interview is used as part of their assessment to confirm whether the relationship is genuine and stable. Immigration New Zealand needs to know if your relationship is for real. 

Can I have an interpreter? 

Yes. You have the right to an interpreter in your own language. 

Can I have a lawyer or support person present? 

Yes you can! 

I’m worried? What will they ask? Will they use what we say against us? 

Your case officer will ask questions about your life together.  

Anything you do say will be used against you. If you say the wrong thing even once, it puts your visa application at risk. 

If you have an interview coming up. Please contact Idesi Legal and we can consult with you regarding your upcoming partnership interview. 

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