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Idesi Legal has a definite pulse on the New Zealand Immigration and Refugee Law scene.

Idesi Legal is a specialist, reputable and experienced boutique Immigration Law firm with a national presence with offices in Wellington, Auckland and Dunedin. Idesi Legal also has a Refugee and Property arm to its practice.

Having a North and South Island presence and given the inquires come as far as Stewart Island within New Zealand, Idesi Legal has a definite pulse on the New Zealand Immigration and Refugee Law scene and has a wide coverage as we also service our international clientele.

Idesi Legal’s principal, Kamil Lakshman has lead civil aid status so we can assist our clientele with legally aided cases such as Refugee Asylum claim and Appeals to the Immigration Protection Tribunals among others.

Idesi Legal delivers its service through latest technology using an Apple environment. Its systems are cloud based thus enabling a wide reach and representation ability. It uses Business Skype to communicate with clients anywhere in the world and so clients can communicate face to face with Idesi Legal’s Immigration Lawyers and specialist Refugee Lawyers when seeking help with visa applications for New Zealand. We have a friendly, highly competent and capable team of lawyers who are specialists in their areas of expertise.

We have a personal and individual approach. When you come to our law firm looking for help with visa applications, we do not tell you what you want to hear but discuss with you the true prospects of your case. We do not dangle carrots, as is fashionable, or give a percentage chance of success as that would be a guess in the dark, but instead we identify what the risks are with your case and how to mitigate them. We give a reality check and develop immigration strategies to help with visa applications. We normally agree on a fixed reasonable fee and the initial consultation is free.

This approach has saved our clients a lot of money in the long run, avoided opportunity cost and managed raised expectation. Our clients have entered this process with their eyes wide open as one may say. They is no over the top unrealistic promises made.

The Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website gives a rosy picture of the NZ visa application process: it appears easy and in fact appears to be a matter of entering data. The reality is far from this, it is ridden with fishhooks. Our team are highly skilled and we have the expertise to assist and navigate through the Skilled Migrant Category documentation help

When things go wrong, they can really go wrong, sometimes despite the best of preparations. It can happen for a number of reasons out of the client’s control or because of the client’s mistaken understanding.

If this were to happen you are in good hands with Idesi Legal, we are known for rescuing clients from very difficult situations, giving help with visa applications and provide solutions. Idesi Legal is known for being the ambulance all the way down to the cliff. We have the competency to hold you through such times.

At Idesi Legal we provide help for migrants and refugees coming to New Zealand. If you’re a NZ migrant and need help with the immigration process, get in touch.

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