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The Tide is Changing!

The question I often get asked is “Can I bring my brother, sister, mother and so on to New Zealand or can I come to New Zealand?”

In this climate, I am often tempted to say it is a useless inquiry. The doors are almost always shut unless some expensive pathways are pursued.

It is even difficult keeping some of those we have here, onshore.

The relationship of the world to New Zealand is worth pondering upon in relation to this point.

Protect our borders

In the field of immigration in New Zealand, we have undergone an ideological change which is in keeping with the global trend of protecting one’s border. That translates into getting rid of those who have committed crimes, have lied or mislead and so on. This is using a system like that of a triage system for those that possess New Zealand residence rights and factored into that is the amount of time that residence has been held for. In rare cases, even a citizenship can be revoked, but it is more difficult to do so.

Our firm, IDESI LEGAL, with offices in Auckland and in Wellington, deal with such immigration cases.

Applying for a Visa is not a form-filling exercise

The insight we get and the message we would like to share is that the initial stage of applying for a visa should cease to be viewed as merely a form filling exercise. We know that well-intentioned people and some not so well-intentioned people undertake this role for third parties, some at a fee and others free. Whatever the arrangement, understanding the individual’s context, due diligence and attention to detail are required. More importantly still is an appreciation of the implication of the answers given and omissions made.

Deportation or not

If the approach is prudent, then it can be the difference between the person being subject to deportation or not. When a person comes to the attention of the Immigration Compliance team, immigration history can come under scrutiny and what may have laid buried for a long time as an irrelevant fact or omission becomes subject to an in-depth scrutiny and investigation.

Secondly, when a person has a matter before the court, again the decision of that proceeding may have an impact on their immigration status, which can in some instances commence with a questionnaire. Some people are so busy with their lives that due importance is not given to this document and it is haphazardly dealt with.

At this point application questionnaires can be successfully dealt with, as IDESI LEGAL can attest to, but if proper attendance is not given to this document, then it is an opportunity indeed lost.

Overstaying inadvertently

Those from visa free countries can at times be oblivious to the immigration policy and the obligations because their initial entry has been so easily facilitated. Inadvertently, we find this group can get themselves into trouble by overstaying.

Mistakes leading to deportation

We are very saddened when a simple mistake which could have been avoided by the applicant or their agents at the outset causes a deportation of a person from New Zealand who leaves behind so much.

In realty, this person is banned almost for life from his family and friends. This is because getting a visa to come back to New Zealand in the future, despite the actual ban period expiring, will most likely be impossible.

An effective New Zealand immigration lawyer is there to get good outcomes for their clients, and that’s exactly what we do. If you have questions about applying for a visa, get in touch.

Kamil Lakshman is the Principal Lawyer of IDESI LEGAL Ltd, an Immigration, Property and Refugee Law Firm. She is a member of the National Law Reform Immigration and Refugee Law Committee of the New Zealand Law Society, and a past Convenor for a substantial period of the Society’s Wellington Branch, Immigration Committee.

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